How To Paint a House


House Painting is easier when you know what you are doing.  

All About House Painting provides paint advice for experienced house painters and people who want to learn about painting.  Painting and Decorating is a time-honored trade.  Many people think house painting is easy, but painting a house well requires expertise and knowledge.  

Why paint your house?  

One of the most cost effective ways to upgrade the value and appearance of a home or part of it, is by painting.  According to real estate experts, a good paint job can add as much as 12% to a house's resale value.  Additionally, following a regularly scheduled repainting program makes maintenance more economical, since a minor repair made while painting often prevents a major expense later on.  

It pays to hire an experienced painter. 

Every paint job is worth doing well.  That means careful surface preparation, the right primers and quality paint products.  The extra effort will result in a better looking and longer lasting paint job.  Know that it always pays to hire an experienced painter if one is available.  The superior knowledge of the contractor who knows how to paint is worth the extra money. 

What if you want to do your own painting (DIY)?  

What if  you don't have the budget to hire a good painter?  What if you have the time, patience and daring to do you own painting and want the satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself?  It can be done.  You will find  the painting information, ideas, tips here to help you do the job yourself. 

Why buy good paint and materials?

Today's house painting trade includes many techniques, products and tools that can help you paint better and faster.  Knowing how to paint with all of them makes for a good job and satisfied customers.  A well done paint job using high quality paint will look great and will last for years.  Cheap paint usually goes together with a bad paint job.  It looks terrible and often fails quickly.  

Stay up to date with the latest painting industry products and developments.  

The paint coating industry is constantly evolving; new products and techniques are developed almost daily.  Last year's great paint coating or product may not be compliant with today's government regulations.  Conversely, a product that failed last year, may have been reformulated to now work well. That kind of house painting information can be found  here at All About House Painting.      

The do-it-yourself house painter, the beginning house painter, the average painter, and professional Painting Contractor will find useful tips here; from how to get free paint samples to why paint failures occur and how to prevent them.  The first and most important thing to know before anyone begins to paint is to know, understand and review safety procedures and manufacturer's product instructions before you start your job.     

On the tools page, you'll learn about which professional painter recommended tools to buy and how to properly use and protect them. Know that cheap paint is never a bargain.  Your best guide to good paint is the manufacturer's reputation and using their top of the line products. Proper preparation of the surface, use of quality materials and skilled application are the ingredients of a good paint job.