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Tired of spending valuable time and money painting test swatches all over your walls -- or repainting rooms that just didn't look right?  For many people, picking the right room color is the most difficult task of home decorating.  Need help selecting the right paint color for your house? 

With over 36 years experience helping clients pick good colors, Alan Silverstein provides in-home color consultations starting at $250 for the first hour. With an extensive color library of historical and contemporary palettes across all manufacturers and access to most paint color systems, he'll help pick the right color for you. 310-470-9218 

The color consultation begins with an phone analysis of your space and what you are looking to do with it. He will discuss and devise color schemes for your interior rooms or exterior surfaces.    


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How many times have you heard good stories about bad house painters?   Inexpensive painters are often the cause of bad paint experiences.   Both sides have a share in the nightmare of a bad paint job; homeowners who select painters solely on low price, and the painters who perform unprofessional work.  Consider paying more to have a better paint experience.  

A good paint job costs money. If you want to be happy, it is best to educate yourself about the elements of a proper paint job.  The lowest priced painter doesn't include many of the elements that make for a good paint job.     

Hiring the lowest priced painter encourages low quality painting jobs.  A skilled painting contractor can't do a good job at low prices. 

Homeowners who want a high quality job, and have done their homework, can pick the best painter and negotiate a fair price for a first-class job. Homeowners who follow this advice will be well rewarded for their time and learning investment with many years of beauty and satisfaction.  

On an annualized basis, it is less expensive to use a quality paint and painting contractor than to save money by cutting corners. In painting, as in other aspects of life, you often get what you pay for.  It has been said that the most expensive thing you can do to your house is have a cheap paint job.   

Getting in and out of the paint store quickly: Getting stuck for hours in the paint store is a  waste of time.  Most painting contractors arrive at the  paint store when it opens.  That can be a great time to get tips and advice from real painting contractors.  Most homeowners/do-it-yourselfers come to the paint store in the middle of the day.  Do-it-yourselfers usually need a lot of help from the staff.  Expect a wait if you come to purchase at this time.   

If you're going to need help at the store, it is best to speak to someone in management.  Behind the counter staff are usually younger and have limited experience with house painting.  Go straight to the manager if you need good advice or help.